The French "fèves" are hand-painted porcelain or ceramic figurines. They are made to be put in the epiphany cake also called the king cake.
This is a tradition from France which happens every year on January 6th. Originally it's the day when the three wise men came to Bethlehem to honour baby Jesus.
The tradition in France is to bake a cake called the king cake and to insert the bean inside the cake. The person who finds the bean in his/her slice is the King/Queen of the day so they get a crown (usually made of cardboard).
More recently, the bean has been replaced by a ceramic or porcelain figurine.
Since this time the tradition has been commercialized and there is a very wide assortment of porcelain and gold figurines.

The sets we are selling can contains from 6 to 12 figures. You can find almost everything you want: film figurines like Harry Potter, cartoon figurines like Pokemon and then figurines by topics like animals, sports, figurines to be personalized...They can be in 3D or flat, in plastic or in porcelain, matte or gleaming.

The figurines are relatively small from 1.4 inches (3.5 cm) to less.
Suitable with dietary contact.
Conscientious delivery under 24/72h


  • Box of 100 figurines

    Box of 100 new figurines, not classified in set.

    Products suitable with dietary touch.

  • New

    Recently added feves in our shop

  • Animals

    Porcelain miniatures representing animals from around the world.
    True or humorous reproduction.
    Fast and conscientious delivery.

  • Comics / TV / Cinema

    Porcelain miniatures, flat or in 3D, representing comic’s or cartoon’s characters. Scenes, characters or movie posters.

  • Love of good food

    Porcelain miniatures about alimentation with numerous models related to the bakery / pastry.

  • Divers

    Porcelain miniatures from other categories: music, vegetables, objects from the everyday life…
    Fèves from the everyday life.

  • History - geography

    Porcelain miniatures representing historical monuments / sites and geographical places, masterpieces from disappeared artists.

  • Means of transport

    Porcelain miniatures on the theme of transports: terrestrial, maritime and aerial. Many models from famous brands (Peugeot, Citroën…).

  • Personalized

    See some of our personalized fèves, the one we realized for restauration professionals, public authorities, associations…

  • Sport

    Porcelain miniatures on the theme of sports. Individual sports or team sports.

  • Biscuit fèves / porcelain

    The biscuit fève is a porcelain miniature who has been only baked once. Its color is matte and after a soaking in an enamel bath its becoming gleaming.

  • Plastic fèves

    Different fèves models in plastic, ideal for small budgets or as second fève in your king cake.
    Suitable with dietary contact and resistant with the heat during the cooking.

  • Winning fèves

    Select between our collection of winning fèves, the one who will enhance your commercial deals.
    All our winning fèves are individualized by a unique number.

  • Naughty fèves

    Naughty figurines destined fèves to adults.

  • Religions and...

    Porcelain miniatures representing different characters for your crèche/nativity scene.

  • Metal fèves

    Fèves, miniatures in alloy of flowed metals, covered with nickel and cooper (zamac) plus covered by a 24-carat gold bath by electrolysis to make them suitable for food contact. Others are covered with platinum (silver color).

  • Individual fève

    In this category, find all our individual fèves to complete your series.

  • Maxi-fèves

    The fèves whose size is superior to 3cm are called “maxi-fèves” because they are the exact reproduction of fèves but in a bigger size.

  • CD-Rom / Catalogues

    Our CD-ROM are presenting you the history and the making of the fèves and are listing all the fèves models that we are selling since 1998.

  • Loose fèves in batches...

    Ideal for you, to complete your collection or make exchanges. Our loose figurines of high quality, matching pieces, sold in batches.
    Very attractive prices for your king cakes or brioches. Ideal as well as a second fève in your cake.
    Epiphany matching kits with crowns decorated and figurines of high quality.

  • Vegetables fèves (true...

    True dry vegetables fève. The fève from the ancient tradition is a true bean called “fève”.
    Eating product that can be consumed in salad or in meal after a long soaking and a bake in a salted water.

  • Finds

    Series or small boxes of feves, in limited quantities.

    Those feves are more or less old.

  • Disney

    Porcelain miniatures .
    True or humorous reproduction.
    Fast and conscientious delivery.

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