You can buy on our website differents things to wrap your cakes, your collections of porcelain figurines...
In our wrapping range, you'll find king cake/epiphany cake bags, blibox...
In our range of presentation's supports, you'll find scalloped circles, transparent PVC tubes but also dual-sided adhesives tablets.


  • Plastic packets

    Plastic zip and transparent packets for the tidying of your little pieces, especially your porcelain figurines.

    We are selling packets of different sizes: 180 X 150, 150 X 100, 80 X 120 and 60 X 80. Only set of 100 packets are proposed to be sold.

    Suitable with dietary touch.

  • Blibox

    Our blibox will allow you to tidy and transport your figurines without any risks.

    It is the end of  problems of presentation, tidying, transporting, dust and damage...

  • Dual-sided adhesives...

    Dual-sided adhesives pastilles, in foam or transparents, to support your figurines on order to present your collection. We are offering you different models and diameters in batches of 200 and 500 pastilles.

  • Crystal PVC tubes

    Crystal PVC tubes to tidy, present and protect your figurines collection of the dust.

    Supplied with a black small ruller made of cardboard.

    Dimensions 47 x 34 x 230 mm.

    Delivered without pastilles or figurines.

  • Scalloped rounds...

    We are selling scalloped rounds for the support of your king cakes in your king cakes bags. Rounds of diameter 23/26/29 cm. They are made of cardboard and entirely white.

  • King cake bags

    King cake fat-proof bags, with handle and side gussets. We offer the fat-proof bag in 3 sizes (diameters 23,26,29cm).

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