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What could be more rewarding to convey than developing your own figurines…
We are available for all of your creations projects, individual figurines or entire collections personalized.
3D, flat, puzzle, ludic, in exclusive and limited edition, the realization of your figurines will open the doors of your business to communication and events. It’s a true mean of promotion for your business and the development of your sales with a strong impact on your clientele who will contribute to the renamed of your shop.
It’s without a doubt one of the best ways to communicate to all the king cakes consumers and others (guests, family, friends, associations or community) on the quality and the notoriety of your house.

From over 17 years, the FABOLAND society, from the traditions to the innovations and offered high quality products with an efficient service.
The satisfaction of our customers was and always will be our priority.
All our products are made of porcelain, hand-decorated and conform to the dietary CEE standard in force.

Under this heading are detailed the different steps that we are forced to follow for the realization of your project…And our prices…

  • Reception of your project: we are realizing a faithful reproduction of your figurines thanks to the documents provided.
    The final quality of your figurines made of porcelain will resume exclusively by the quality of the documents that you provide.
    Feel free to contact our services or call us – from outside France +33.954.25.91.11
    We will advise and help you in your choices in order to the epiphany tradition to be always perfect.
  • Elaboration of your figurines: you will have firstly to decide the type of your figurines: flat or 3D, carved or with chromo, monochrome or hand-painted, mat or enameled. It can also be enhanced with gold or/and platinum.
  • Creation: sketch, final version, adding colors…
  • Sculpture: our sculptor realizes a centerpiece made of plaster, 14% greater than the final figurine (those 14% disappears during the baking steps)
  • Baking of the piece: the piece is baked at about 1050°. After the over, we are obtaining a porcelain piece who will help to the realization of the molds.
  • Realization of the molds: the mold is realized directly on the centerpiece, with a lot of steps following the complexity of the piece. The molds are then sterilized in order to lose their hydrometry rate.
  • Duplication of the models: in the molds, the porcelain is fitted in.
  • Deburring: once the models dry, they are deburred, that means they are cleaned of the excess who have infiltrated into the joint planes of the molds.
  • First baking: once they are cleaned of non-wanted excess, the pieces are baked at 1000°.
  • Decoration: The baked pieces are then hand-painted and decorated with dietary colors enamels. They are enameled by soaking in transparent enamel baths who will give them their gleaming and smooth aspect. This manipulation is not necessary if you wish to obtain matte pieces.
  • Second baking: All the pieces are then put again in the oven for a second baking (1250°). This baking will permit to the porcelain complete waterproof (to close it) and to make the enamel melt to coat the fèves.
  • Putting up the chromos: On bases, transfer printing can be done to put a entitle. They will be placed on enameled pieces and this operation require a third baking (820°) to fix the enamel.
  • Prototype: The prototype is in this way created, we will send it to you to accept it or make modification…
  • Order: After the acceptation of the prototype, we will start the fabrication of your figurines.
  • Delivery: Fabrication, control, packaging and delivery of your figurines. The deliveries are made at the beginning of November and at the latest mid-December, according to the date decided between the Customer and FABOLAND.
  • Price: the price is the final one at the moment of the validation of the descriptive files and the settle down of the prototype fabrication and will stay the same except modifications coming from you (adding of gold or platinum…). All complete modification of the model will generate a price of 50€.

Minimum quantity = 600 figurines per model.

Order validation at the latest the 30th of April

your project 

From outside: +33.954.25.91.11
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Right below some of our creations to inspire you and give you some ideas