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Figurines of the french Epiphany cake

Who is Faboland : Jean-Marie Collection's ?

Faboland is a French company created in 1997 
to sell in the world porcelain or ceramic figurines.

Identity : RCS Lyon 449 696 814
Commercial name : Faboland SARL

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Fèves are hand painted, porcelain or ceramic figurines.
They are made to be put inside an Epiphany Cake,
 or King Cake (Gâteau de Roi)
for the "Epiphany" Holiday (La fête de l'épiphanie ou fête des rois)
that originate in France.



This holiday is celebrated every year on January 6th
 and tradition states that this is the day that the three wise men came to Bethlehem, to honor the baby Jesus.


A long running tradition in France is to bake a cake,
 and insert a bean (fève) inside the cake.


The person who finds the bean in his or her slice, is king for the day.
More recently, this "bean" has been replaced by a ceramic or porcelain figure.


This tradition has been commercialized, and there is a very wide assortment
 of porcelain and gold figures that are made for the Epiphany.
 They go by several names, King Cake figures, Epiphany figures, or "Fèves".


The sets can contain from 6 to 12 figures.
Examples of these are Asterix, Babar, Toy Story, Lady and the Tramp,
 Looney Tunes, Horse Racing, Nativity, Red Riding Hood etc.


The fèves are relatively small at 1,40 inch or less in size!    or



Porzellanfiguren aus dem französischen Dreikönigskuchen.

Die Bestimmung dieser Miniaturen ist es, in den traditionellen Dreikönigskuchen eingebacken zu werden. Dieser Kuchen wurde und wird alljährlich in der Vorweihnachtszeit in Frankreich für den Dreikönigstag am 6.Januar des Folgejahres verkauft,
eine Tradition die bis ins letzte Jahrhundert reicht.



Figure di porcellana dalla torta francese d’Epifania.

La destinazione delle miniature è la torta tradizionale della Epifania. Una tradizione dal secolo passato. La torta di Epiphany è venduta in Francia intorno a Natale per la Epiphania il 6 gennaio,
una vecchia tradizione.

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